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Yes, we do windows at Newton Window Cleaning! If you’re interested in finding someone who can help clean your windows, then let us know and we’ll get right on top of it. A lot of people don’t feel as though their home is clean unless the windows are clean. We can either wash them by hand or spray wash them. Regardless of how your windows are cleaned, you can count on us to meticulously clean them. Your windows will be streak-free and there won’t be any dirt left behind once we have completed our job.

Our window cleaners pay strict attention to the details of every job they perform and this is what makes us different from the other window cleaning services around. We will work with your budget to provide you with the cleaning services that you want.

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We began our window cleaning service more than a decade ago. Investing in our company meant investing in the products that we used to clean our customer’s windows. We have done this because we want to be sure that we can provide the best quality of service possible. Our window cleaners have experience and know which safety precautions are necessary so that they are not harmed when cleaning your windows. Cleaning windows may seem like a pretty straight-forward process but our window cleaners know that this is not necessarily the case. This is because many of them have been professionally washing windows for as long as we have been around.

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We offer both hand washing and spray washing services to clean your windows. With our hand washing services, we are capable of paying closer attention to all the little details of the job. While hand washing can be a little risky, many of our regular customers still prefer this method to spray washing. Our spray washing services involves utilizing the right solution to clean your windows. The windows have to be properly wiped clean to ensure that no streaks are left on the windows and our window cleaners do that very well. If you are in ​​the Newton, MA area, please give us a call!

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Allow us to clean your windows to ensure that they are cleaned properly and to your total satisfaction. We will carefully assess your needs so that we can provide you with the most useful services possible. Call us for our rates today.

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