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You don’t get to look at your rooftop very often, so you have no idea what may be growing on it and in most cases, you don’t want to know. Algae, mildew, and mold are some of the things that are found developing on roofs. You might be surprised to hear that you may have an infestation of some type growing on top of your roof. These things certainly aren’t something that you want on top of your roof, so why not give us a call at Newton Window Cleaning. We will be able to take care of your roof cleaning needs through the use of our pressure washing tools. Since algae stains your roof, it’s important to have it eliminated as quickly as possible. Business owners should pay particular attention to the condition of their rooftops as well. Too much pressure on any roof could cause it to start to deteriorate. Worse yet, pieces of the roof might even begin to fall off and could land on top of a customer’s head. This is a good enough reason to contact us to take care of your roof cleaning needs.

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Since your roof is often damp, mold can start to develop. It is due to the moisture that this begins to occur. Algae is also known to grow on top of rooftops because, like mold, it thrives in the moisture too. This is often a common problem that happens in coastal areas, but it could also happen to your home’s rooftop if you live in a humid environment. There are different types of algae that we find on rooftops, such as gloeocapsa algae, magma algae, or blue-green algae. Regardless of the type of algae that we might find on your roof, rest assured that we have the right type of equipment needed to remove it. If you haven’t had your roof cleaned in the past year, what are you waiting for? Call us today!

Most of our customers are astonished to learn that algae will spread because it is carried from rooftop to rooftop by the wind. In some cases, we are asked to clean more than one rooftop in a neighborhood. Since we use pressure washers, it’s easy for us to accommodate the needs of more than one person. Algae can develop on apartments buildings and other types of building rooftops. If you think you may have it on your roof, call us up and we’ll assess the problem to determine if you do. If it is found on your rooftop, then we’ll go to work on getting rid of it for you right away.

When you hire us, you can be sure that we will have all the necessary equipment needed to efficiently perform the job. Don’t throw away your hard-earned money or risk injury attempting to do it yourself –  make the call to our team of professionals at Newton Window Cleaning. We only hire professionals who have proven experience in removing unwanted bacteria from your rooftops. ​We also offer solar panel cleaning service.