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If you have solar panels and they are not performing efficiently, it could be due to debris and other things that are on them. This calls for you to have your solar panels cleaned. Some people think that all that they have to do is climb a ladder with a bucket of water and get down to business. While we are not sure who this has worked for before, we highly recommend that you call on the services of a reputable and reliable solar panel cleaning service, such as Newton Window Cleaning. We do far more than clean windows! You can get 20% more power when your solar panels are clean, because the dirt can block light that provides you with energy. Unfortunately, rainwater won’t do the trick. Solar panels have to be effectively cleaned if you are to receive the benefits of having it. The more light that you receive the better the energy consumption will be. Bird droppings and debris that builds up over time will prevent you from receiving energy. Why not protect your investment by relying on our experts to routinely clean them for you.

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Cleaning your panels can be a very tedious process that many homeowners simply do not want to bother with. Thankfully, they don’t have to. We will assume the responsibility of cleaning your panels. Our experts will use deionized water along with a soft bristle brush that will enable them to loosen the dirt sitting on your panels. Once loosened up, the debris will be rinsed off with water that will not leave calcium on it. After we have thoroughly cleaned each of the panels, you will have clean, efficient, panels without any residue or spots left on them. You will receive immediate benefits from the efforts of our solar panel cleaners. We offer immediate results!

To ensure that you can receive immediate results, rely on our professional cleaning team. We only hire effective professionals who will always use the right type of water and tools to clean your panels. Our team of professional cleaners will offer you the results that you are searching for, which means you can get what you are paying for – results that you can see and feel. When you call on us to clean your panels, we will ensure that they are not damaged when in our care and take all precautions necessary to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Newton Window Cleaning wants to be your preferred solar panel cleaning service in the Newton, MA area. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured cleaning company. When you want the job done right the first time and you want to get what you are paying for, rely on our professional services. We offer spot-free cleaning, without the use of any harsh chemicals on your panels. We offer the most competitive solar panel cleaning services in the area. Give us a call to receive an estimate for the work that you need to be done.