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How to Get Your Windows Ready for Spring

Newton Window Cleaning - How to Get Your Windows Ready for Spring

Spring is fast approaching, and now is the time to start preparing your house for warmer weather. The first step to spring cleaning and brightening up your home is cleaning your windows. The long days of winter have covered them with a thin layer of dirt and grime. Using an ordinary window cleaning solution, rag, or even brush isn’t enough to get this done perfectly. Instead, give your windows the deep clean they need by having them cleaned by a professional who will also check them for damages.

Window Cleaning Tools to Use

Having all the tools ready before you begin the cleaning helps you save time and energy while completing the job. It’s also important to remember not to use sharp and harsh cleaners on your windows. Instead, the following tools are the best and most effective for the surfaces of your windows.

Window Cleaning Tools to Use - Newton Window Cleaning
  • Soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Glass cleaner
  • A vacuum
  • Lint-free cloths
  • Water with mild detergent
  • Silicon lubrication spray
  • Long rod
  • Rubber gloves

Tips for Proper Window Cleaning

1. Inspect your windows thoroughly.

Inspect your windows thoroughly - Newton Window Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a great time to check up on the condition of your windows. To begin your task, it’s essential to start by thoroughly inspecting before anything else. If there is breakage, damage, or areas that need a thorough cleaning, you can prepare your tools and materials ahead of time.

2. Lubricate the hinges and tracks

Keep your window warranty and your windows in good shape by not forcing them to open if the hinges or cranks don’t move smoothly. Rather, you may put some lubrication on them to easily move the windows open and closed.

Lubricate the hinges and tracks - Newton Window Cleaning

3. Reseal window edges

Reseal window edges - Newton Window Cleaning

Protect your home further from the spring showers by resealing your window edges. This part could have been greatly damaged by the winter season and, thus, may need retouching. Using some top-class polymers like silicone and adhesive sealant tapes are good options for this.

4. Clean the window glass properly

The last thing you want is to leave the window glass dirty. It’s the main part of the window that everybody sees upon arriving in your home. Therefore, it may require a more thorough cleaning. You’ll need to brush off existing dust from the interior of your windows using a feather duster or a small brush.

Your windows are not safe from debris or twigs from the nearby trees. If there are any trees near your windows, be sure to prune them back away from the windows. Also, remember to wipe off any moisture or melting ice from your window glass that can eventually create a more serious problem like rotting in wooden windows or rust in metal types.

Clean the window glass properly - Newton Window Cleaning

5. Don’t forget about the screens.

Dont forget about the screens - Newton Window Cleaning

Without the screens, your windows are less efficient in providing a shield against dust and bugs from outside. Even when your windows are wide open, the screen helps to keep you safe. Brushing them using a small brush and a soap mixture is a good way to clean them. Likewise, if there are damaged areas, it’s necessary to fix it right away and prevent bugs from entering.

Why You Need to Clean Your Windows for Spring

Spring brings back the sunlight we all missed during the winter. If not for our windows, not a single ray would enter our home. The cold temperatures of winter can also cause your wooden window to warp, affecting its structural integrity as a whole. Even the glass of your windows can crack due to extreme temperatures, which can eventually cause the entire glass to break.

Lastly, check the hinges for any ice stuck in between because that can lead to hidden issues. No doubt, it’s a nice scene to see the outdoors capped in snow. However, if you forget about caring for your windows, this lovely view can lead to their total damage.

Why You Need to Clean Your Windows for Spring - Newton Window Cleaning

Newton’s Top Experts in Window Cleaning

Enjoy a clear vision of what’s coming to you with crystal-clear windows. Let everybody who visits your home know how much you care for it by hiring professional window cleaners to do the job for you. Window cleaning can be quite a tiring chore to perform after a busy day at work. It requires the use of specialized tools and methods for the best result.

Newton’s Top Experts in Window Cleaning - Newton Window Cleaning

Don’t let the chore of cleaning your windows this spring dampen your mood. Leave the task to us; we’ll thoroughly clean your windows and check them for any damage sustained over the winter. At Newton Window Cleaning, only professional hands will touch your windows, ensuring cleanliness from top to bottom.

Our highly modernized tools and equipment help us perform our job at the highest level. Additionally, to ensure that no accidental damage to your floors will happen, our team of expert window cleaners wears shoe covers while working inside. Avoid the risks of doing it yourself. We’ll treat your home as if it’s our own home sweet home with glistening window panes. Let’s get it scheduled today. Call us at 617-744-4105.

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