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What Type of Window Requires Special Window Cleaning Techniques?

Clean windows not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a building but also improve safety and functionality. But not all windows are the same. When it comes to retaining both beauty and functionality, different windows call for different cleaning techniques.

Special Window Cleaning Techniques - Newton Window Cleaners

In this blog, we will explore the topic of window cleaning techniques and discuss the special care and attention required for various window types. So, let’s dive in and discover how to keep your windows looking their best!

Common Window Cleaning Techniques

Common Window Cleaning Techniques - Newton Window Cleaners

There are various classic techniques for window washing that are frequently employed to provide a streak-free, shining result. Let’s take a closer look at some of these methods:

For regular glass windows: Squeegee and window cleaning solution

When combined with a good quality window cleaning solution, a squeegee can remove dirt, grime, and streaks with ease. When using a squeegee, moisten the glass with the cleaning agent using the squeegee to scrape the chemical mixture off the surfaces, moving your way from the peak downward. Make sure to wipe the squeegee blade clean after each pass to avoid streaks or smudges.

For jalousie windows: Employ a microfiber cloth or newspaper for wiping

Microfiber cloths are an excellent alternative to squeegees, especially for smaller windows or hard-to-reach areas. They are highly absorbent and can pick up dirt and grime without leaving streaks or lint behind. Alternatively, some people swear by using crumpled-up newspapers to wipe down windows. Newspapers are cheap and readily available, and their ink can help to clean and shine the glass.

For sliding windows: Remove dirt and grime with a vinegar and water solution

A vinegar and water solution is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to store-bought cleaning solutions. Use a sprayer to moisten the window after combining white vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio to create a homemade cleaning agent. After that, clean the glass by wiping it down with a squeegee or cloth made of microfiber while eliminating any debris and dirt. This method works well because vinegar is acidic, which helps to break down dirt and grime, leaving the glass clean and streak-free.

Tips for Effective Window Cleaning

The following pointers can help you get the best clean for your windows:

Preparing the cleaning solution

Before you start cleaning your windows, it’s essential to prepare the right cleaning solution. Use a solution that is intended for use on glass and eliminates any streaks, regardless of if you buy one or make one from scratch. To further aid in the dissolution of dirt and grime, you can also add a couple of droplets of dish detergent to the mixture.

Tips for Effective Window Cleaning - Newton Window Cleaning

Choosing the right tools and materials

Choosing the right tools and materials is crucial for effective window cleaning. A good quality squeegee or microfiber cloth can make all the difference in achieving a streak-free finish. Additionally, using distilled water or filtered water instead of tap water can help to prevent water spots and streaks.

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Proper techniques for streak-free cleaning

Start at the topmost point of the glass and move downward, wiping the edge of the squeegee after every swipe. Use a clean area of the fabric for every stroke when using a cloth. When using a piece of fabric, begin at the highest point and proceed to work downward in a clockwise direction.

Cleaning windows from the inside and outside

Cleaning windows from both the inside and outside is essential for achieving a complete clean. As the majority of the gunk and grime collects on the interior of window frames, start there. Then move to the outside, making sure to use a ladder or other safety equipment to access high or hard-to-reach areas.


Professional Window Cleaning Services - Newton Window Cleaning

These are just some of the professional window cleaning techniques for washing windows. Whether you are a homeowner or professional, taking the time to learn proper window cleaning techniques can help you achieve streak-free results on your windows every time. You may quickly become an expert at washing your windows with the correct equipment, supplies, and some experience! But when you need extra help, don’t hesitate to call Newton Window Cleaning for expert window cleaning services! Call us or visit our website for bookings and estimates.

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