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Are your windows in need of cleaning? If you are looking for a window washing service and do not know how much it costs, keep on reading. We at Newton Window Cleaners compiled a list that will give you an idea of how it works.

A window cleaning service cost depends on factors like the type of area to clean (commercial vs. residential), dirtiness, amount of labor, window accessibility, crew members, and equipment. Some professional window cleaners charge by the hour, by the window, by the pane, by the square footage, or by a flat rate.


For specific pricing, you may call us today to have your free instant quote. In the meantime, here are the factors that affect professional window cleaning:

How Do Professional Window Cleaners Charge?

Window cleaning service providers can charge per square footage, per pane, per window, per hour, or a flat rate. Commercial window cleaning establishments frequently price based on square footage or give a flat rate price per window.

To do this, professional washers consider window size, its dirtiness, industrial equipment, and the number of crew members needed to clean the area. Commercial window cleaning cost is generally more expensive than residential casement washing, regardless of the pricing style.

Residential window washing is typically charged per pane, per window, or a flat rate. Smaller homes benefit from flat-rate pricing due to the limited windows or panes. On the one hand, mid-sized houses with more of the latter are charged a minimum of $2 to $7 or higher for bigger windows. Large residences’ window cleaning, on the other hand, is normally paid by the hour at a minimum of $40 to $75 or higher due to the abundance of panes.

Residential Window Cleaning Price

The majority of residential window washers do not bill by the hour but rather by the pane. A typical casement has two or three panes, and storm windows usually have four. 

In the United States, the average cost of cleaning a windowpane is:

  • A minimum of $2 per screen
  • A minimum of $10 to $18 or higher per window
  • From a minimum of $4 to $8 or higher per pane (inside and out)
  • From a minimum of or $3 to $4 or higher per pane (outside only)
  • A minimum of $1.50 to $1.50 or higher per French pane (inside and out)
  • A minimum of $151 to $366 or higher total cost

Panes more oversized than three to five feet are considered two panes. Thus, window cleaners typically charge them as two panes for price adjustment. Sills and track cleaning cost is also non-compulsory. But if you request it, window cleaners can offer a minimum of $2 to $4 or higher per window, maybe even for free.

Other Factors That Affect Residential Window Cleaning Cost

Besides the elements mentioned above, presents other factors that influence the cleaning cost:

  • Access to the windows both inside and outside the house
  • Demand and average prices in your area
  • Pane sizes and volume
  • Sills and tracks
  • Dirt level (paint, mineral deposits, etc.)
  • Number of screens

Windows that need thorough cleaning increases the price. Additionally, window maintenance frequency varies per homeowner, but the average is twice per year. If you wish to have your casements cleaned more frequently, you may request a volume discount.

Commercial Window Cleaning Price

The cost of commercial window cleaning is more expensive than its residential counterpart. On average, the minimum fee per pane is a minimum of $2. This price increases according to the frequency of cleaning, window accessibility, dirtiness, and size. Commercial window washers typically serve office buildings, car dealerships, restaurants, and storefronts.

How much ces it cosy to have your windows professionally cleaned - Newton Window Cleaners

Unlike residential cleaning, servicing commercial windows requires industrial equipment and a medium to a large crew. They are also cleaned more frequently regardless of the season. Some customers have their windows washed monthly, others bi-weekly, and a few every two months.

As you can see prices to have your windows cleaned can vary a lot, so please call us to have all of your questions answered and get your free quote. Have your windows cleaned today! We look forward to hearing from you!

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