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Spring is here. And with Spring comes Spring Cleaning. It is time to rake the matted snow leaves, pick early sprouting weeds, and clear your lawn of all of the sand and dirt that the snowplows deposited during the winter. One of the most important and often overlooked cleaning tasks is to do a solid roof and gutter cleaning.
Roofs, and more specifically, gutters, remove the water from your roof regularly, thereby protecting the house from water damage.

Due to clogged gutters and downspouts, water can back up and trigger the roof, fascia, soffits, and siding to rot.
Professionals admit that frequent inspection and maintenance will help decrease the need for gutter fixes and replacement.
Many homeowners suffer from hidden gutter problems, which can go unnoticed. Most built-up debris problems are discovered once the damage has occurred because it is challenging to see inside the gutter from the ground.
Leaves and debris clogging gutters are the most common problem, as water then overflows and damages fascia boards, rafters, and these days the house’s foundation.
If you’ve ever had gutters pull away from the house, or if you have to push the spikes back into the gutters to keep them attached, there’s a good chance that your fascia board is damaged.
It’s crucial to fix the problem as soon as possible because the damage increases fast – as the gutter sags, it causes more water to run over, resulting in more and quicker damage.
To check whether a gutter is performing correctly, simply wait until rainy weather and check the downspouts for water to empty.
When water doesn’t flow freely from the downspout’s bottom, or if you noticed the water flowing over the sides of the gutter, there may be leaves blocking either the gutters or the downspouts.
Cleaning your gutters regularly is the easiest way to avoid any problems. Most debris is made up of foliage and twigs that can either be handled by hand or removed with a shop vacuum or leaf blower.
Using a garden hose to flush out your gutters will remove dirt and small particles. If you have heavy debris, you may need a gutter cleaning tool.
Most downspout clogs can be flushed out using a garden hose. If the clog is really stubborn, use a plumber’s snake to remove it.
The house may need gutter cleaning much more frequently than once a year, especially if the neighborhood has lots of trees.
Another problem people have, besides procrastinating, is the fact that they spend all day on a Sunday cleaning the gutters and sealing the holes only for the next day to bring a windstorm that traps the debris again.
Most people are unaware that more debris gets blown into the wind’s gutter system than is washed away by rain.
A few other problems a gutter cleaner should look for when cleaning gutters include holes, corrosion, sections that sag, loose, bent, or missing fasteners. Holes should be blocked or caulk immediately.
Loose spikes or missing spikes often cause sagging; they require tightening or replacing.
Sometimes, gutters may have to be replaced entirely due to years of neglect, and no amount of repairs can get them to a point where they protect the integrity of your building anymore. If this is the case, it’s best to hire a professional.  An experienced Window cleaner can install the gutters properly to drain into the correct places. This is also not something you should skimp on, as it has long-lasting implications for your home’s value.

Also, keep in mind that all gutter repairs have an element of risk. They sit on your roof, many feet off the ground.

​By consulting a professional, you reduce your risk of injury. They have the tools that are necessary to assess and remedy the situation safely, and effectively.

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