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How Often do Solar Panels Need to Be Cleaned

How Often do Solar Panels Need to Be Cleaned - Newton Window Cleaners

Among the most useful and practical things you can find in a house or office are solar panels. They are useful and becoming increasingly practical because they provide a power supply to the home with the help of the sunlight it gets during the day.

Solar panels are also known as PV panels, or photovoltaics, which collect particles of sunlight and generate electricity. Solar means “sun” because it is its main source of light. These panels are created to gather such flow and transform it into electricity to be used.

Aside from the fact that solar panels help you save money on expensive electric bills, here are other benefits to get from them:

  • It is free of pollution and does not emit greenhouse gasses upon installation.
  • It reduces the use of fossil fuels.
  • It provides power that is unlimited and renewable every day.
  • It gives a return on investment.
  • It gives you credits from taxes and rebates.
  • It helps save resources right from the first day of use.

Advantages of Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Advantages of Cleaning Your Solar Panels - Newton Window Cleaners

With the benefits that one gets from using solar panels for the supply of electricity, it is right to expect that they need to be cleaned every now and then. Solar panels need cleaning and maintenance to serve you better.

A solar panel that’s covered with dirt and debris cannot work as efficiently as you would like. Less sunlight can be collected by the panels if a lot of things are blocking it. For some

inspiration on keeping your solar panels clean, below are some of the common advantages that regular cleaning of your solar panels brings.

  • Helps improve its efficiency.
  • Fulfills the condition for a warranty.
  • Rainwater isn’t enough to remove that dirt.
  • Makes the panels last longer.
  • Adds to the aesthetic appeal of your property.
  • Allows you to perform a regular inspection of their current condition.
  • Helps improve the time for the return on investment

Why It Pays to Keep Solar Panels Clean

Why It Pays to Keep Solar Panels Clean - Newton Window Cleaners

There are reasons cleaning this source of energy is considered very important. Below are the common ones you may consider yourself to be convinced that you should clean yours.

1) Regular cleaning truly makes a big difference in the efficiency of solar panels. If well-cleaned, solar panels can improve their own performance, specifically, gaining 21% for homes and up to 60% for commercial solar panels.

2) Relying on the pouring rain outside is not a good idea. It only makes your solar panels wet. In fact, the water that pours from the rain to your panels causes them to become dirtier and less efficient.

3) Cleaning strengthens and improves the quality of work. Wear and tear is likely to happen if your solar panels are not cleaned regularly to remove debris, dust, and grains of sand. Soon enough, you’ll realize that you’re just about to lose an important piece of equipment in your house because of neglect.

4) Some companies that offer solar installation services require proof of regular cleaning before agreeing to fix any problems that may arise from your panels in the future.

5) It increases the aesthetic appeal of any residential or commercial property. Taking care of your solar panels should be as frequent and as carefully done as you care for the rest of your home. This way, you can maintain the perfect look for your home and office.

6) It allows you to perform a regular inspection of the condition of your solar panels. This ensures that any issues will be addressed as soon as possible.

7) Solar panels are made from high-quality materials that can be expensive depending on your choice and budget. Installing one in your home is an investment you would never want to go to waste. Proper maintenance and cleanup is one sure way to achieve that goal.

Window Cleaning at its Best!

Window Cleaning at its Best - Newton Window Cleaners

Window cleaning and solar panel cleaning are just some of the tedious and stressful tasks that only experts can do incredibly well. Doing it by yourself will only result in unsatisfactory work and a waste of time. Newton Window Cleaning professionals guarantee to leave no corner or spot in your window and solar panel untouched.

Our tools and equipment in providing high-quality services are all updated to perform effective solutions to your window cleaning project. We treat every home as our home. That means we care about you and your home! Our services include hand washing and spray washing which does an excellent job on any window in your house or workplace. If you are in need of a trusted team of professional cleaners, remember to call us at 617-744-4105. We’ll be more than happy to serve you.

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