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How To Hang Christmas Lights Without Damaging the Gutters

‘Tis the season to be jolly again! The streets are lit up, and we start to decorate our homes with Christmas trees, lanterns, and lights. You even thought of taking those brightly colored bulbs and hanging them from your roof, didn’t you? Even just imagining it, the Christmas season is surely a wonderful time to make our home merry and bright.

The roof is the most popular spot for hanging Christmas lights, that’s why most homeowners hang decorative lights directly from the roof. But are we certain we know how to do it without causing damage to the gutters? First off, gutters are a critical component of any roofing system. Any damage to it will result in water leaks on the inside of your home, causing the structural foundation to deteriorate over time. That’s not what we want, is it?

So, put your big decorating plans on hold for a while. Take those nails and staples away for now. You will learn in this article how to hang Christmas lights without damaging your gutters.


You must measure the lines or the curves that you want to decorate with lights. This is to determine the number of strands and the distance between them. One element of a stunning light display is the proportion of length and number of bulbs, as it allows you to plan where to attach the bulbs. With such prior inspection, you can avoid uneven installations that may damage the gutters.

Check Where Can You Attach the Lights

Where should the lights be attached? Some people hang the bulbs in the gutter, while others attach them to the shingles. It all depends on your personal preferences and the design of your roof. Hanging the bulbs directly may be too difficult for those who have gutter guards. Attaching them to the shingles appears simple, but shingles are fragile. They are not meant to hold a lot of weight and cannot be pulled on. So, if the gutter guards are making things difficult, attach the bulbs to the eaves instead of the shingles.

man installing Christmas lights on gutter

Use Clips Instead of Nails and Staples 

It is best to avoid using staple guns and nails. Most homeowners are so preoccupied with installing the lights that they overlook the dangers of these materials. Nails and staple guns will cause holes and tear your shingles and gutters. We all know how bad leaks can become as they worsen over time. Instead of these, use clips to hang or place the bulbs. Check the thickness of your gutters to determine the appropriate size of clips to be used. You can also use adhesive light clips when you’re having trouble attaching the bulbs to the gutter guards.

Walk Lightly on Your Roof

It is best to avoid walking on the roof when installing the bulbs. Keep in mind that shingles are fragile. A slight loss of balance that causes you to step in the gutter can lead to a much bigger problem. When an accident occurs, it not only damages the roof but also puts you in a dangerous situation. However, if doing so is totally necessary, then walk lightly on the roof. Hiring professionals is the best and safest way to put on the lights.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Is it really necessary to clean your gutters before turning on your lights? Without a doubt, yes!  Most people ignore cleaning or clearing out their gutters, which is a huge mistake. A gutter is a common area for debris buildup. You’re sure to find leaves or twigs caught up in there, which will only make turning on the lights more difficult. Cleaning the gutters eliminates the risk of a fire and other types of property damage. The best way to have them cleaned is to hire a professional gutter cleaning service as they know which method is best for cleaning your gutters.

We’re Here to Help You Clean! 

Are you planning to clean your gutters? Let’s put that plan into action. Our professional gutter cleaners at Newton Window Cleaning are happy to help you. Our team can provide you with a thorough gutter cleaning service that will remove all dirt and debris that may have accumulated in your gutters. Make the most of your holiday decorations this

Christmas season. Contact us today at 617-744-4105 to put your mind at ease about hanging those Christmas lights on your roof.

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